Got a New Year’s Resolution?  Here’s six The Organic Place can help you with.

Got a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s six The Organic Place can help you with.

Got a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s six The Organic Place can help you with. 

Another New Year brings another New Year’s resolution, and why not?  While we know too well that many get cast aside far too early, there is so much to be gained by a new and healthier habit if you can stick to it.  Well, at The Organic Place, we are here to tell you that by ordering with us, you could tick these five New Year’s Resolutions off in one go!

 Eat more healthily

The Organic Place sources certified organic fruit, vegetables, meat as well as a variety of organic and eco-friendly pantry items.  By buying certified organic products you avoid consuming nasty pesticides and chemicals and not only will you taste the difference but undoubtedly your body will also benefit.

   Exercise more

Customers and followers of The Organic Place are being offered three weeks free training and a discounted membership at F45 Training in Melton.  That should get you into the habit of a new exercise regime, no worries! Plus there’s always Food Matters TV and the Yoga classes we will be running in 2018.

Got a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s six The Organic Place can help you with.

Decrease your carbon footprint

Why buy asparagus from Mexico or bananas from the USA when you can support your local farmers and producers?  Rather than us all getting in our cars and heading out to do our weekly shop, The Organic Place collects your produce fresh from the market on Thursday morning and they deliver it to your door by the end of the day.  As your groceries are locally sourced, that means your groceries have not travelled overseas and used unnecessary fuel.  The few drivers dropping food off in bulk to many of the same towns also means vehicles have been used less than if we were to all get up early to get them from the market ourselves.  5am wake up?  No thank you.  Thanks Brooke and your team for doing the hard work for us and simultaneously reducing our carbon footprints!

Live more sustainably

The Organic Place is no major supermarket chain.  Forget being bombarded by bags and bags of plastic.  Your organic fruit, veg, bread and pantry items come in beautiful paper bags which can be reused by us if you leave them out on delivery day or recycled.  Don’t want to waste those brown bananas from last week?  Head to our recipe section of our website or The Organic Place Community Group on Facebook to find out how you can use them up easily and limit your waste.  Banana pikelets anyone? Yum!


 Become involved in a community of like minded people

As I mentioned, The Organic Place is not just a business but has become a community where we can all share photos of our dishes, tips on how to make your food last longer, recipes and other great ideas.  If you want to connect with people who are all for health, wellbeing and caring for the environment, please join our community on Facebook.  We’d love to meet you!

Stress less and have more time for you!

Who wants to drag their children to the supermarket and stand in long queues when your weekly shop can be delivered to your door by a friendly face?  How much time will you save going to the greengrocer, butcher and health food shop?  Hours I bet.  If your New Year’s Resolution is to have more time for you, do yourself a favour and order your food online from The Organic Place.  Better yet, grab a subscription for a mixed bag, bread and eggs and you’ll be set up forever!  All you’ll have to worry about is what to do with the spare time you have!

Happy New Year everyone!  We hope this will be your best year yet.


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