Five Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Five Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

The end of the year and Christmas is upon us. This usually means a long list of events for work, school, sport clubs, friends and families. The majority of these events involve indulging in both food and drink. Whether you are dreading weight gain or just that unhealthy feeling from overeating, here are five ways to eat more healthily during the Christmas period.

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Plan ahead and negotiate

Probably the most difficult aspect of this time of year is the sheer amount of events that are scheduled. You are absolutely within your rights to turn down some functions if you need but many are unavoidable. For those who celebrate Christmas, between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day are often the most difficult to negotiate. Many people have to split the big day between several families. Consequently, this means many large meals in a short time frame. If you are in a position to negotiate, try to plan meals at opposite ends of the day. Swap a lunch for a brunch, a dinner for a light supper, or merge some events if you are able to! Of course, this is not always possible but it is worth a try and can make this time of year less overwhelming.

Make good choices

It can be so tempting to pile your plate high at end of year functions but consider having a little less. Usually at these events there is a wide range of food to choose from. We all know that everything is best in moderation. Again, it can be tempting to overeat when so much deliciousness is in front of us but try and choose the healthiest options. A few slices of meat with a sample of salads or roast vegetables is adequate. Have your dessert, by all means, but similarly, exercise some self-restraint. Have your cake but maybe some fresh fruit too.

Go easy on the alcohol and soft drink

Half the problem at Christmas get-togethers is not necessarily the food we consume but what we drink alongside it. Alcohol and soft drink can both leave you feeling bloated and exacerbate that full feeling. Furthermore, if you are drinking plenty of alcohol, you may be more likely to make less sensible eating choices! Over the days that you have many functions scheduled, consider watching your intake and trying to drink more water or swap a softy for a kombucha. While it may be difficult to cut back at the time, your body will thank you later.

Move it, move it!

We all know that moving our bodies is one of the best ways to burn off all that food we are eating. This can be difficult if we are confined to a car for some of these days, heading from one event to another. However, there can be other opportunities to get active. Take a walk with a friend or family member at some point during your event. If that isn’t possible, try to stand instead of sitting the entire time. If you function is outside during the day, why not get involved in a game of backyard cricket? At a night-time celebration, where dancing is optional, definitely choose to dance! Another positive about moving during your party is that you probably won’t be eating or drinking while doing that activity. No doubt, your body will feel better too and benefit from the exercise.

Choose organic

Eating organic food can be difficult if the other people in your life are not on the same wavelength. If you are asked to provide a plate, choose organic options to share. Hopefully others will notice the difference in the taste. It could also be an excellent opportunity to  educate others about why you choose organic. Don’t forget that you can order organic hams and other meat from The Organic Place this holiday season. This is in addition to our usually fresh organic produce and products.

Indulge wisely

So, there you have it. Some common sense ways to remain healthy at this busy and food-centred time of year. Of course, we don’t believe you should deprive yourself from the foods and drink you love. This time is absolutely a time to celebrate and indulge. However, days upon days of indulgence will not have you feeling as celebratory if you wind up tired, hungover and ill.

Do you have any other tips of tricks to stay healthy at this time of the year?


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