We’ve answered a few of our common questions that we have received. Still got question should us an email here.

What is The Organic Place

We’re a family of five from Melbourne’s west who believe in healthy eating. With three young children of our own we have a passion for teaching them to make the right choices when it comes to food. We love to cook, grow our own veggies and can’t think of a better way to express our love than a home cooked meal at the end of a long hard day.

What time to I have to place my order by?

Orders for bread MUST be placed by 12pm Tuesday. This allows the bakery the 30 hours required to make their beautiful sourdough bread. Order containing fruit and veg must be placed by 8pm Tuesday.

What day will my delivery arrive?

We deliver once a week on a Thursday. This allows us to provide you with the freshest quality produce available at The Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market. Delivery times will be during business hours.

What if something I ordered doesn't arrive in my order?

Sometimes we can’t always get our hands on the fruit and veg that we want. If something is missing in your order you will receive a little postcard in informing you that it was unavailable at the markets. You will be given a store credit via and email or if you choose a refund.

Why didn't I receive the items I have ordered?

We only visit the Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable market once a week on a Thursday. We do this because it’s considered a “new market” where fresh produce comes in overnight from the farms. Sometimes when we get there at 3.30am some of the fruit and veg has not arrived. This can be due to weather conditions, traffic, trucks not arriving and other unforeseen circumstances.

Where do you source your fruit and veg from?

There are three organic suppliers at the markets where we purchase our fruit and veg from. Our main supplier is Organic Growers Group who we have a very good relationship with. They understand we only offer a one day a week delivery service and quality is of upmost importance to us and our customers. We also source other fruit and veg from Biodynamic Marketing and Melba Fresh Organics and when circumstance allow us to (drought) we also sources some winter vegetable direct from Spring Creek Organic farm located in Ballarat.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $7.95

WE offer FREE SHIPPING on WEEKLY fruit and/or veg subscriptions only. Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime or put on hold if you going away on holiday.

How do I cancel/modify/change my subscriotion?

Login into your account on the dashboard > Click on My Account > Subscriptions > View > Suspend/Cancel/Change Subscription

Why are some of my items packed in plastic bags?

We choose to pack your potatoes in plastic bags as they are covered in dirt and organic matter. In the past we have packed them loosely in your bags however after many requests to have them packed separately we have agreed to do so. This prevents food that you can readily eat, such as fruit, being covered in dirt too!

From time to time we have to pack other items in plastic bags too. This is because items (especially leafy greens) come to us wet including broccoli that comes to us on ice. In the beginning we tried to dry things off however it didn’t quite work. We would often pick up your orders (packed in brown paper bags) and the contents would fall straight out the bottom due to the water on these products. We tried to use brown paper bags before resorting to plastic bags but it didn’t work.

We kindly encourage you to reuse your plastic bags and leave the brown paper bag your order comes in on your door step every Thursday morning so we can recycle and repack another order in it.