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Meat The Marker – Jen’s Hens

Organic Eggs

In 2013 after a cancer diagnois from their daughter and sister, Rochelle and Russell decided to change their farming methods back to organic farming for any food they produced. As they sat with Jen through all her treatments they became more aware of how many more people in the prime of their lives, were fighting […]

Cherry Tree Organics

cherry tree organics,

You may have already heard that recently The Organic Place has had some big changes. As well as your usual market fresh organic fruit and vegetables, bread and dairy order, we are now able to deliver high quality organic meat to your door. Even more exciting is that we have an array of special organic […]

Meet The Maker: Organic Times

Meet The Maker: Organic Times It’s that time of the year where we are inevitably exposed to aisles upon aisles of sweet treats and have to come to terms with the fact that we will probably eat more of them than we should over the Easter break.  But don’t despair!  Organic Times, a Melbourne based […]

Meet the Farmer – Kindred Organics

Meet the Farmer - Kindred Organics

Tonight on the blog we meet Lauran and Henriette Damen of Kindred Organics Tasmania. The first organic growers of quinoa in Australia, Lauran, Hanriette and their son Peter first planted quinoa on their 237-hectare property at Kindred, in northern Tasmania 12 years ago. Over time their crop has grown to include hemp, spelt, buckwheat, oats […]

Meet The Farmer – Sheryn Mock of Mock Red Hill Certified Bio-Dynamic Farm.

Meet The Farmer - Sheryn Mock of Mock Red Hill Certified Bio-Dynamic Farm.

This week on the blog Sheryn Mock, 3rd generation Bio-dynamic farmer of Mock Red Hill orchid shares her fascinating story about biodynamic farming in the Mornington Peninsular. The family-owned and operated orchard has been producing high quality, Bio-dynamic (enhanced organic) fresh fruit, apple juice, apple ciders and apple cider vinegar for the local region and […]

Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards

Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards

In this episode of our Meet the Grower Series we meet a family run business, Greenwood Orchards, which has been around for well over one hundred years. Greenwood Orchards specialise is producing bio-dynamic apples, pears as whole fruit, and juice from these fruits that is additive free! Tell us a bit about yourself and your […]

Meet The Farmer: Busch Organics

This week in our Meet The Farmer Series we meet family-run business, Busch Organics, which has been an advocate for growing produce organically for decades. If you read their story I’m sure you will be moved by the family’s dedication to: the environment, their produce and their customers, by choosing to follow methods that benefit […]

Meet The Grower: Coolibah Herbs

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. Michael & Jenny Bogicevic began growing a variety of vegetables and herbs on a small 45 acre farm outside Pearcedale on the Mornington Peninsula in the 1980s, selling the produce off the back of a truck in the old Melbourne Wholesale Market at Footscray.  Today, […]