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Garlic: health benefits, uses, fun facts and how to grow your own!

Garlic is an amazing super plant that can be used in so many ways for a variety different things. Most people know that garlic is a great, natural way to fight off colds and flu so we thought winter was the perfect time to talk about garlic and all of its wonderful health benefits, uses and some other […]

Meet the Baker Series: Zeally Bay Sourdough

Meet the Baker Series- Zeally Bay Sourdough The Organic Place is passionate about supporting local famers and businesses. We love hearing the stories behind the products we source; there is so much time, energy and hard work that go into them! Last month we introduced you to Bob from Bob and Chris’ Mandarin Farm and […]

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteeen

One of the main reasons people choose to eat organic is to avoid the consumption of dangerous pesticides. A few weeks ago we revealed five shocking facts about the use of pesticides in Australia and many of your were gobsmacked. Obviously, the best option to avoid nasty pesticides is to buy organic but sometimes that isn’t […]

What’s in Season? Winter Fruits and Vegetables

Something we pride ourselves on at The Organic Place is providing fresh, quality fruit and vegetables; this means we select from what is currently in season. So what is in season during the months of July and August? We’ve listed the winter fruits and vegetables below along with their benefits and some interesting facts!   […]

Did You Know? 5 Shocking Facts About Pesticide Use In Australia

Following on from our post last week, ‘The Truth and Getting Informed’, today I wanted to share with you all some shocking facts I have discovered about the use of pesticides in Australian farming. Did you know… There are over 80 pesticides used in Australia that are banned in other countries. This includes 17 pesticides that have […]

The Truth and Getting Informed

A few weeks ago we published a blog post about ‘understanding organic’. It gave some basic information about what organic means and the benefits of choosing to eat organic foods. But we’ve decided it’s time to delve a little deeper. When I started researching for this post I quickly became overwhelmed. There is so much […]

Meet the Farmer Series: Bob’s Mandarin Farm

One thing that is really important to The Organic Place is supporting local aussie farmers. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing and interviewing some of the local organic farmers we source our fresh produce from. They are hard workers who dedicate their lives to farming and have some amazing stories to tell! As […]

Understanding Organic

In our travels we often get asked a lot of questions by people about eating organic; why do we eat organic? What does organic even mean? So we thought we would provide you with some information and hopefully clear some things up! Here we go… What does organic mean? When we talk about food being […]

The Organic Place – Our Story

People often ask me why our family chooses to eat organically. I think it’s really important to share our story and for people to understand that we are just a normal family and like many others we just want to do the best for our children and our health. Our journey started after the birth […]