Josh and Sarah’s Fundraiser for Kidney Health Australia

Kidney Health Australia
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Kidney Health Australia

Next Tuesday my best friend of 32 years will be donating her kidney to her younger brother Josh.

Josh’s Story: For 7 years now Josh has be battling from Lupus, an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks healthy parts of the body. During Josh’s battle he has had six open stomach surgeries, had his entire large bowel and part of his pancreas removed, sustained six months of chemotherapy, and was put on life support for weeks as his lungs were bleeding. For two years Josh has been on dialysis to keep him alive.

Our Background: We all grew up together Sarah, myself and our 5 siblings.  We spent many days playing, riding biking, decorating tree houses, swimming and going to school together. Over the years we have formed a wonderful friendship that will be treasured forever. Sarah and I have been talking about her kidney donation for a few weeks now. The other day she said to me you know I’m going to be ok. I never doubted anything but, it felt good in my gut, I knew Sarah would be fine, I knew josh would be fine and his quality of life would be greatly improved. What I realised was how extremely proud of her I was. I just wanted to share with you all that there are amazing humans out there who sometimes need your help. In preparation for the kidney donation Sarah and Josh have started a Fundraiser for Kidney Health Australia, not for themselves but because they never want anyone else to have to go through what Josh has been through. I know things are tight for everyone right now however if you have anything to contribute not matter what amount, your donation would be very much appreciated. Selfless is an understatement! Xx

Donations close in two days.

Join their Facebook page here when you can continue to follow their story:

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And look out for them on Sunrise sometime next week!

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