Recipe Ideas for your Organic Place Mixed F&V Bags

Recipe ideas for your Organic Place Mixed F&V Bags

We know – it’s super exciting to peek inside your Mixed F&V Bags each week to find what goodies are stashed away inside. It’s like opening a surprise gift every week! But then… sometimes the thoughts sneak in…. “what am I going to do with this?”. Especially when there’s an unusual vegetable in there that perhaps […]

Meet the Farmer/Market Series: Organic Growers Group

Organic Growers Group

This week on the blog we chat to our main supplier at the Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Markets; Organic Growers Group (OGG). Every week Ben heads to the Organic Growers Group warehouse where he collects the majority of your organic fruit and veg. He is quickly greeted by Jen, Katie and their team of packers. […]

What’s in Season? Spring Fruit & Vegetables

Organic Place Spring Fruits

Something we pride ourselves on at The Organic Place is providing fresh, quality fruit and vegetables; this means we select from what is currently in season. So what is in season during the months of September, October and November? We’ve listed the spring fruits and vegetables below along with their benefits and some interesting facts! Grapefruit: […]

Fathers Day Breakfast Ideas

This Sunday is Fathers Day and if you’re planning on spoiling Dad with breakfast in bed we’ve got you covered with our special Fathers Day Eggs & Bread combo There are so many yummy breakfast options you can make with eggs and bread; here are some of the best from our favourite chefs! Jamie Oliver Poached […]

Organic vs Certified Organic- your questions answered

Organic Fruit

Ever wonder what the difference between organic and certified organic is? Is there even a difference? And what does certified organic really mean? Let us clear up the confusion: What’s the difference between ‘organic’ and ‘certified organic’? Put simply, anyone can claim to be ‘organic’ but in order to trust that they really are they […]

Pesticides and Cancer

A couple of months ago I began to do a lot of research into the use of pesticides in Australia. I invited you all to join me on my journey of getting informed and finding the truth. I shared with you all five shocking facts about pesticide use in Australia  and today I wanted to […]

My Organic Story- with Kathryn

Everybody who chooses to eat organic has a story about why. For some people it was a big event that shifted their thinking, for others it may have been a slow change over time. Whether your story is big or small it is always significant. We love hearing our customers stories; the reasons why they choose to […]