A Healthier Life

Ask any organic food lover why they choose to eat organic and I can guarantee you that the most common response given will be their health. It’s the reason why our family made the switch to organic in the first place. As a registered nurse, I already understood the relationship between food and health but after our youngest daughter was diagnosed with severe food allergies I began to further question what was really happening to our food before it got to our plates. What I discovered was scary.

The main difference between organic and conventionally grown food is the use of synthetic chemicals. In Australia, there are over 80 pesticides used in the production of fresh fruit and vegetables that are banned in other countries. This includes 17 pesticides that have the potential to cause cancer, 48 that are potential hormone disrupters and 30 that are classified as either extremely dangerous or highly hazardous by the World Health Organisation. Scary right?

People often think that by giving their fruit and vegetables a good wash they are able to ‘clean off’ all the chemicals that have been used in its production but that simply isn’t true. Quite often the chemicals will penetrate the skin and absorb into the fruit itself. Many pesticides used are now also water resistant. The only way to be sure that the food you’re eating really is safe, is to choose certified organic.

At The Organic Place, all of our fruit and vegetables are certified organic. This means they have gone through a series of strict checks by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) to ensure that they are grown in an environment free from any synthetic chemicals, harmful pesticides and genetically modified organisms. It’s all natural; just the way our food should be.

The vast majority of our customers have come to us after experiencing some kind of serious health issue; from cancer, to infertility and allergies. Just like us, they have done their research and discovered we what already know; that organic food is better for them. Our customers are people who have chosen to take control of their lives and put the health of themselves and their families first.

Make the choice today to put your health first. Place an order with The Organic Place today and start your journey on the road to a healthier life.

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