5 Fun and Easy Food Activities for Kids

5 fun and easy food activities for kids

It’s the second week of the school holidays here in Melbourne and I don’t know about you but I always find this particular holiday break a bit of a struggle. It’s cold, often raining and just a bit miserable really. Most kids love being outdoors and they can go a bit stir crazy when cooped up inside so I thought I would share with you some fun and easy food activities to keep the kids entertained these school holidays. There is so much more to food than just eating it. Food can be a great tool to learn, play and connect. Why not give some of these ideas a go:

Make your own herb garden: You don’t need much space or even money to create your own herb garden. All you need is some containers, soil and seeds. You don’t need to purchase pots either;  think about what you already have around the house that you can use; glass jars, tin cans and plastic bottles cut in half will all work. Researching what herbs to plant, how to look after them and help them to grow is all part of the fun! Jump on the internet or head to your local Bunnings to see what you can find. Another way to extend this activity is to get your children to decorate the containers that you plant the herbs in; use paint and stickers and even make little labels for each herb.

Baking: One of my favourite things to do with my son is to spend the day baking; it’s something that kids of all ages seem to love. Choose recipes with lots of steps like measuring, pouring and stirring so they can easily get involved. Our favourite recipe at the moment is this yummy coconut and raspberry loaf. The great thing about this activity is that at the end you’ll have lots of yummy snacks on standby to feed those hungry little bellies over the holidays!

Have a picnic indoors: The weather doesn’t have to be nice to have a picnic. Lay out a rug in the lounge room and eat lunch, snacks or even dinner together. Sometimes it’s nice to eat in a different setting. Don’t forget to turn the TV off!

Fruit and Veg Painting: Save your fruit and veg peels and scraps and use them to paint on paper with. You can make lots of interesting patterns, textures and shapes. Just expect there to be mess!

Play pretend: My son’s favourite phrase at the moment is “let’s pretend….” Try setting up a pretend restaurant or grocery store using items from your cupboard. Pull out some scales and set up a fruit and veg shop. It will keep the kids entertained for hours.

What have you got planned for the rest of the school holidays? Got any other fun food activities you’d like to share?

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