My Favourite Winter Warming Recipes- with Jacqueline

Earlier this week we met Jacque and she’s back tonight to share with us her favourite winter warming recipe ideas!

Roast and Forget

When my daughter was smaller, and 20 minute naps every two hours were the only moment I got to get anything done, my partner and I unintentionally created a great little routine using our Organic Place vegetables. If I had a chance, I would feverishly cut up whatever vegetables were good for roasting: pumpkin, potato, zucchini, even broccoli and mushroom – whatever was going on in the crisper. On a tray with oil and just salt and pepper and into the oven, I could forget about them and they would just be getting better and better. When Hubby came home, he would chuck them on flatbread for pizza, onto pasta or rice, or into pastry parcels. You can pretty much put roasted vegetables on anything and it tastes amazing. The goodness is trapped, and even with just a dash of oil and some seasoning, all you taste is pure vegetable goodness.

The ‘Anything Can Go In It’ Lasagna

I love watching my partner eat my lasagna because the last bite is always followed by some profound complement. “Your lasagna has really gone to the next level,” or “I think… that was the best one so far” (even though he has said this the last three times). Lasagna can feel like it takes a lot of time, but the end product is so beautiful! You can have it with salad or vege on the side, or just a massive piece on its own like we do. And we always have leftovers for later on. I am a lazy cook generally so lasagna is a lot of work for me. But still, I enjoy it and it only uses one big frying pan and a big serving dish. Another plus is that, while it may seem counter intuitive, lasagna is fab for getting rid of extra food:

  • Celery, Carrot Onion, Capsicum, Mushroom, a Chilli – chopped or grated into the red sauce
  • Beans or Lentils – into the red sauce
  • Zucchini or Squash – zucchini are perfect for grating onto the top if you can’t be bothered making a cheese sauce or would like it vegan – the moisture stops the lasagna sheet from going rubbery, and Zucchini or squash can also go into a layer, if they are sliced thinly they don’t need any precooking
  • Tomatoes – crushed into the red sauce or sliced on top
  • Eggplant, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Potato – fry eggplant or half cook the others in a steamer or microwave and make a layer
  • Greens – into the sauce or you can even blitz and pour a green layer of sauce in
  • Any left over Cottage Cheese, Feta or Ricotta – chuck into a layer

Vegetable Lasagna made simple:

Red sauce:

  • fry up vegetables first > follow with any lentils or beans > add a bottle of passata or can of tomatoes > reduce (let it bubble around the edges whilst stirring) with a dash of red wine and bubble off (and pour yourself a glass) > herbs, seasoning and greens, and DONE!

Vegetable ideas for other layers:

  • microwave slices of pumpkin or potatoes for a few minutes in a bowl of water (til a knife can slice through)
  • fry eggplant slices
  • thinly slice zucchini or squash
  • wash/shake water off and shred silverbeet or spinach, or microwave frozen greens, squeeze out water


  • dash of red sauce on bottom of oiled dish
  • layer of dried lasagna, then half of red sauce
  • layer of lasagna then layer of vegetables, greens or cheese – add a dash of passata if it will not be moist enough to cook lasagna
  • layer of lasagna then rest of red sauce
  • layer of lasagna, topped with stripes of grated zucchini, sliced tomato and a sprinkling of cheese

Bake for 40-60 min at 160-180 degrees, ready when it’s nice and brown and a knife slips through the pasta layers. You can cover with foil and remove at end before browning.





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