Our Organic Swap – Bacon

Our Oragnic Swap - Bacon

Let’s talk bacon 🥓

Our Oragnic Swap - Bacon

Nitrate or preservative 250 is a substance used to preserve meats and when shopping conventionally it can hard to find a bacon (or in fact any processed meat) that does not contain Nitrate or other preservatives and additives!

Due to the use of nitrates and the procedures used to processes meats the World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified processed meats, including bacon as a Group 1 carcinogen (cigarettes and asbestos are also in this group!) The ranking is allocated in line with the strength of scientific evidence about the agent being a cause of cancer. Group 1 is the highest ranked and the WHO defines group 1 as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’ which means there is a strong evidence between processed meats and cancer.

We here at The Organic Place source our organic bacon from Cherry Tree Organics, where all pork is from White Clover Parka Farm, a like minded organic family farm located just 45km from Bendigo! All pork is free of additives, water injections, hormones and antibiotics! Along with being certified organic, sustainably farmed, processed locally and prepared at the Cherry Tree Organics Butcher shop this gives them complete control over the process from talking the pork from the paddock to your plate.

Cherry Tree Organics bacon is made from only a few simple ingredients, certified organic pigs, water, celery extract and brown sugar. AMAZING!

Don’t forget, meat orders close 12pm Monday!
(Please note, is 24 hours before our grocery cut off of 12pm Tuesday.)

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