Katie Brennan- My Organic Story

We love it when we find people that are just as passionate about healthy living and organic food as us. And we really hit the jackpot earlier this year when we met Katie Brennan. Not only is Katie one of the most friendly people you’ll ever met, but she is also an absolute inspiration when it comes to living a healthy, active life. Katie plays key forward for the Western Bulldogs in the Women’s AFL, studies Exercise and Sports Science at University and runs her own gym, kb.performance (she’s one busy woman!) The Organic Place is proud to be partnering with Katie during her debut season in the Womens AFL by providing her with all the organic goodness she needs  to fuel her body and get through each week.

Tonight on the blog, Katie talks to us about her love of sport, women’s health and why eating organic is so important to her.

When and why did you first start playing football?

I officially started at the age of 5 in Auskick after growing up with a footy in my hand and playing in the backyard with my brother for hours on end. I guess it was partly his influence but I also loved it from the very first moment.

How does it feel to be part of the first ever women’s AFL league?

It is a very special and proud feeling. Many women have waited so long for this to happen and it really is a historic occasion. It’s not only changing the landscape of women’s sport, but a progressive statement for society on the whole.

What does a typical day/ week in the life of Katie Brennan look like?

An average day:

  • 8-12 hours sleep
  • 8am rise – Breaky & Coffee
  • Work/ emails/ media commitments/ meetings
  • Extras (touch work/ weights/ watching vision/ physio/ mentor)
  • Western Bulldogs training (4-10pm)  Injury Prevention, Massage, strapping, training, weights, ice bath recovery, team meeting.
  • Dinner

An Average Week:

  • Monday: Gym/ Work
  • Tuesday: Western Bulldogs training
  • Wednesday: Gym/Work
  • Thursday: Western Bulldogs training
  • Friday: Gym/ Work
  • Sat: Game Day
  • Sun: Recovery at club


Katie working out at kb.performance

You own your own gym, can you tell us about that?

I certainly do. I am very passionate about Female Athlete Development and educating, empowering and inspiring women. kb.performance is a dream that started when I was young and I have opened up a performance centre dedicated to female athletes from the elite level down to weekend warriors. Our philosophy is that we train for purpose. We teach women that they can be strong and powerful and provide a supportive community to thrive in.

How long have you been eating organic for and why did you start?

I started eating organic after sustaining stress fractures in my tibia. I really looked into the benefits of a plant based organic diet free of pesticides & toxic fertilisers for maximum health, recovery and performance. It also makes you feel 10x better.


Katie loves cooking and always starts of her week with some meal prep

What do you wish more people understood about eating organic?

The amount of pesticides, and chemicals they use to produce fruit and veg and the amount of nutrients available for absorption in organic foods. Oh, and that it really isn’t that expensive! You can’t put a price on your health.

What message would you like to send to other girls/women when t comes to health and looking after yourself?

Your health is your greatest asset. The healthier you are, the more you can enjoy life and the beauty that comes with it.

To stay up to date with Katie you can follow her on facebook and instagram or check out kb.performance

And if you want to be just like Katie and enjoy a healthy, organic lifestyle, place an order with The Organic Place today. Katie’s favourite choice is the mixed fruit and veg bag.

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