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Certified Organic Fruit, Vegetables, Bread, Meat and Grocery Items Delivered.

Welcome to The Organic Place – where freshness meets family passion! Meet Brooke, Ben, Ryder, Stevie, and Harlow – the heart and soul behind a decade of organic fruit and veg expertise. Our journey began when Harlow’s severe food allergies prompted Brooke, a registered Nurse, to question the conventional food system.

Passionate about home cooking and dedicated to healthy eating, we believe in real food as nature intended. Bringing you the finest fresh organic produce and household essentials, we deliver to homes and businesses across Victoria, NSW, and SA. Our mission is to make healthy eating accessible and convenient for all.

Join us on this journey to savor the goodness of nature. Subscribe to our weekly fruit and veg bag or explore our range now to curate your own selections. Happy cooking and wholesome eating awaits!


The food arrived cold. I ordered a small fruit and veg box and was delighted with the quality and the diversity of food

Mary M

Very happy with my veggie and fruit box.
Fresh and tasty. Good variety. Generous.
Delivery man is so kind and considerate when delivering and makes sure they aren’t left in the sun.
So good to know we have fresh organic vegetables and fruit coming into the house each fortnight.


This chicken meat was the best I have had for years………….I wish I had found Brooke and Ben a long time ago. I will not hesitate to purchase again.


Absolutely loving our weekly box of goodies, fruit & veggies taste amazing & there is always a huge variety to enjoy. Love love love!!!!

Rachel B

Outstanding service, a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, and it’s always a delight to savor the true flavors of the food. A fantastic way to explore and enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Steph Z

This was our first order and we are very happy! Great quality and amount for the price. We live in regional Victoria and our options are limited to major food chains with very sad fruit and veg. The Organic Place is our saviour!! I look forward to our next delivery 🙏🫶✨

Jess H

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