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Our Delivery Service – Everything you need to know

When we first started The Organic Place there were two things we were really sure about; we wanted it to be an online store and we wanted to deliver direct to peoples homes. Being a parent of three young children, I understand the time and effort it takes to get everyone in the car, head […]

Save Money

Save Money - The Organic Place

One of the biggest considerations for people when they shop is cost. Let’s face it, we’d all rather spend our money on going on a fun family holiday than bills and groceries right?  And yes, organic food can be more expensive than conventionally grown food, but here at The Organic Place we aim to make your […]

A Healthier Life

Ask any organic food lover why they choose to eat organic and I can guarantee you that the most common response given will be their health. It’s the reason why our family made the switch to organic in the first place. As a registered nurse, I already understood the relationship between food and health but […]

Let The Organic Place give you the most important gift of all….time

Our lives are busy. Between work, home and family commitments it feels like there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. One of our main priorities at The Organic Place is to make our customers lives as easy as possible. We want to give our customers the most important gift of […]

The Best of 2016

Hi everyone! How was your Christmas? We hope you all had a wonderful day. If you’re anything like me you’re probably still recovering, moving around slowly stuck in some kind of food coma wondering where to put all the presents. But let’s not worry about that for now, let’s put our feet up, ignore the […]

Our Organic Product Range – Uses and Benefits

We’re not just in the business of fruit and veg, we’re in the business of organic and we have a great and ever growing range of organic products. Here are some things you might not know that we stock, as well as bit about their uses and benefits. Coconut Oil: They say you should have three […]

Recipe Ideas for your Organic Place Mixed F&V Bags

Recipe ideas for your Organic Place Mixed F&V Bags

We know – it’s super exciting to peek inside your Mixed F&V Bags each week to find what goodies are stashed away inside. It’s like opening a surprise gift every week! But then… sometimes the thoughts sneak in…. “what am I going to do with this?”. Especially when there’s an unusual vegetable in there that perhaps […]

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